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What's a Web Server?

A lot of men and women understand how to drive a vehicle, but have little if any knowledge about the way the car really works. So, also, are lots of people acquainted with the way to view and browse web pages, but have limited understanding of how those webpages do what they do. Here we'll reply the question: "What's a web server?" In the most elementary level, a web server is only a computer program which dispenses webpages since they're requested. The machine that the program runs on is generally also referred to as a server, and also both references are synonymous in regular conversation. The web server is the machine or program which responds to this request, and provides the information of the webpage back to the consumer. This speech is the thing that enables computers to locate one another and speak across the network. In summary, the method works as follows.

Every webpage on the web also has a special address, known as a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL. Something such as "" is a good illustration of a normal URL. When a user puts which URL into a web browser, then the machine that the browser is running on sends a request to the IP address of the server running the web server for this page, asking that the whole content found there be routed back. When the web server receives this request, it sends the page content back into the IP address of this computer requesting it. The web browser then translates that information to each of the text, images, videos, links, etc. that so many webpages contain. Web servers can sometimes be slowed down by things such as insufficient resources on the device they operate on, or even an overwhelming amount of requests being obtained in too brief a time, but normally the entire process occurs so fast it is barely even noticeable as users browse from page to page. The most frequent web server software now, in other words, the program that really does the calling and receiving of page asks, is Apache. This open-source software manages over half of all sites in existence now - many programmers of web-based programs and technology use Apache as their default environment when designing new products. The next most frequent is Internet Information Services (IIS), published by Microsoft, which accounts for almost 25 percent of all sites, leaving many other smaller software to compete for the rest of the market.

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Users in our Comcast Xfinity forum discuss whether Comcast's multi-year promise to improve customer service is finally paying dividends.

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Japan's Softbank has boosted its investment stake in Sprint from 82% to 85% in the wake of the company's failed bid to acquire T-Mobile. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son has spent much of the week trying to slow Sprint's stock decline in the wake of the news insisting that Sprint has more than enough money to be viable moving forward.


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CenturyLink is already facing numerous lawsuits after a whistleblower revealed the company was defrauding its own customers by over-billing users, using misleading fees to jack up the advertised price of service, and signing customers up for services they didn't want or didn't order -- just to meet sales quotas. Employees say the company repeatedly ignored whistleblower complaints to management about the practice, resulting in a lawsuit by Minnesota's Attorney General.

Now CenturyLink is facing yet another lawsuit, this time by investors angry about CenturyLink's stock tanking in the wake of the news.


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The good news: Open Signal's latest report on the status of LTE networks indicates that the United States ranks fourth in overall LTE availability, with 86.5% able to access an LTE signal. The bad news: LTE service in the States is slower than dozens of other countries worldwide; the report ranking the United States fifty-ninth in terms of average downstream speeds at around 15 Mbps.


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Altice USA, which owns Suddenlink and Optimum, lost 33,000 pay TV subscribers last quarter according to the company's latest earnings report. On a positive note, those losses were notably less than the cord cutting related losses seen at other major competitors like AT&T and Comcast, and Altice did manage to add 17,000 broadband subscribers at its two recently-acquired ISPs last quarter. Altice is hoping to boost subscriber numbers further with the launch of a new all-inclusive gateway and cloud DVR unit dubbed "Altice One," as well as with the launch of new fiber to the home deployments, which are expected to come online in portions of the NY metro market before the end of the year.


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Broadcom has announced it will attempt an unsolicited bid to acquire Qualcomm in a deal estimated to be worth $105 billion. Qualcomm is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phone chips, and the combined company would create the world's third-largest overall chip maker behind Intel and Samsung. Qualcomm is preparing to fend off the unsolicited offer, sources tell Bloomberg, the company claiming the offer undervalues the company, If successful, the unsolicited bid would be the biggest ever takeover in the history of the technology sector. “We would not make this offer if we were not confident that our common global customers would embrace the proposed combination,” Broadcom said in a press statement.


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Comcast and several other major ISPs suffered significant, nationwide outages earlier today. Down Detector indicated that Comcast customers in major cities from New York to Seattle experienced high latency and the inability to access much of the internet for a significant chunk of Monday.


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Just a reminder that multiple major ISPs now provide private, one-on-one support right here in the direct forums at Certified representatives from these ISPs (including Optimum, Verizon, Comcast, Bell Canada and more) have agreed to help you resolve connectivity and billing issues without having to even leave the site. Why waste your time on hold if you don't have to?

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Sprint has announced a new partnership with Altice in the wake of the wireless carrier's latest failed T-Mobile merger attempt. According to a new joint announcement by the companies, Sprint will provide cellular connectiivty to a new MVNO operated by Altice, allowing the cable company to offer bundled wireless services to the company's Optimum and Suddenlink customers.


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AT&T is promising its users a notably-revamped version of its DirecTV Now streaming video platform sometime in the early part of next year. Speaking on the company's recent earnings call, AT&T CFO John Stephens said that whenever the new version of the streaming service launches, users can expect a revamped interface, greater support for on demand and pay-per-view content, as well as broader support for multiple viewing streams at once.

That said, there were some vague hints that the improvements may come alongside a price hike for the company's streaming service.

"With all those opportunities go additional opportunities to raise revenues, and revenues that customers would be willing to pay for and improve the quality of the service,” the CFO said.

Wells Fargo had a little more detail on AT&T's planned changes in a research note to investors spotted by Fierce Wireless.


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