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People in the net! Dear customers! Welcome to the multi service "Astra". Our main goal is to serve you politely, quickly, favorably. Clean clothes and wash clothes with quality, with a guarantee. Meet and hold with a smile.



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Multiservice "Astra" full official name - JSC Factory - laundry number 10 "Astra", (hereinafter JSC "Astra") is active and successful A member of the consumer services market for almost 40 years.

OJSC Astra is a large modern enterprise with a capacity of 15 tons of linen per shift, providing services for washing, bleaching, stain, ironing, delivery of direct, shaped linen and working clothes in special containers.

On the factory squares organized workshop "Eurostar Astra" dry cleaners, several small enterprises that provide cosmetic and hairdressing services, as well as shoe repair, mending clothes from fabrics, leather, suede, sheepskin coat.

On behalf of the Government of Moscow, Astra OJSC performs a significant part of the city order for the maintenance of budgetary organizations farms at fixed prices: hospitals, clinics, boarding schools, houses child, dormitories and other organizations.

The company is equipped with modern technological equipment produced in Germany and Belgium, firms "Lavec", "IPSO" and staffed by highly skilled workers. Used most laundry factories, “old women” washing machines GDR, in "Astra" are fading.

High quality services of JSC Astra due to the use of modern technologies and chemicals Procter & Gamble (USA), the world's leading manufacturer: incl. washing powders, stain removers and bleaching agents.

On the premises of the factory - laundry, underwear of the population is not is being processed. Individual laundry is washed separately in dry cleaning, in small machines Belgian company "IPSO"

More than half of the processing volume is occupied by commercial underwear. organizations: restaurants, hotels, sanatoriums, rest homes in Moscow and Moscow area.

OJSC Astra served many urban public Moscow events: from the 1980 Olympic Games. before the world olympic Youth Games 2001

OJSC Astra is the holder of the Quality Certificate of the Federal Center for Independent Expertise Methodical certification center of the International Academy of Informatization.

Offline production is organized at the factory premises. department of processing and rental of imported dirt-absorbing mats and carpets rubber based for administrative and office space. This modern the service is in high demand with the administrations of districts and districts of Moscow and Moscow region, as well as at the embassies and consulates of foreign countries. You do not have to hang up the sign "wipe your feet."

General Director of JSC "Astra" A.L. Belinsky ready crawl under the washing machine at the factory in Germany, but choose the best.

Application of the best examples of modern equipment, new technologies and chemicals, progressive marketing, increasing the culture of production, service and quality of the services provided, brought Astra into the group leaders among similar enterprises of the city, as evidenced by the positive feedback from customers.

Among our corporate clients (organizations) - hotel Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation, the hotel of the Academy of National farms under the Government of the Russian Federation, Central Tourist House (CDT), dormitory of Moscow State University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, a number of foreign embassies, RosInter Restaurants chain of restaurants, etc.Washing

OJSC "Astra" provides, at the request of the corporate customer, delivery of linen, own transport. Container shipping is organized. Prices moderate.It remains to cover the containers and go, to our customers whom we respect and appreciate


OJSC Astra does not stand still. Today is the motto of the enterprise "Quality is technical re-equipment." In the near future Multiservice "Astra" installation flow washing and ironing automatic lines from Germany, providing a fantastic quality of laundry treatment

Washing installationdirty laundry load,оTzhim and drying clothes.Ironing line with linen conveyor belt Productivity 4000 kg per shift.Fantasy.

Dry cleaning

The pride of the JSC Astra team is to enter operation of the most modern in Moscow, today enterprises dry cleaners - “Euro cleaning“ Astra ”, as evidenced by a large influx of customers and their positive reviews, as well as publications in the journalе (

Dry cleaning equipment and chemical materials the latest generation of the world's leading manufacturers: firms BOVE and Fight (Germany), AMA Universal (Italy), Seitz (Germany).

*Following the European traditions, the Euro Cleaning "Astra" refused mechanical pressing of clothes and strokes Yours things only by hand steam electric iron on a special "miracle table" with steam suction and blowing (forcing) air that allows to make delicate ironing of products on "Air cushion" with autonomous steam supply to the electric iron from the built-in steam generator.

Customers are provided with the following services:

* dry cleaning of sheepskin coats, clothing and products from all types of fabric, fur, leather, suede, nubuck, new textures of leather raw materials; carpets, coverings, curtains, bedspreads, car covers, etc.

* Dyeing, repainting and tinting (toning), water repellent impregnation (waterproofing) of sheepskin, leather and suede products.

* Clothing repair. Urgent cleaning.

* Individual washing of linen and men's shirts of all kinds in separate washing machines.

* Novelty from Europe and America: aqua-cleaning (dry cleaning of all types of clothes, children’s toys in the aquatic environment with the use of special gentle chemical preparations).

* Novelty from Italy: technology for cleaning leather and fur products «TENA » is a fundamentally new system that allows you to clean products from leather, suede and fur without the risk of damage.

This technology developed two highly skilled Italian specialists Michele Testa - Head of engineering company and Maximiliano Nardo - Head firm Tintor max, which produces chemicals for the processing of clothing made of leather, suede, furs.

Technology concept TENA - "Do not hurt!".

Main difference new technology from the traditional is to manage the cleaning solvent - i.e. solvent is used as much and then as it is necessary and when it is necessary in order to clean the clothes of high quality without hurt her The processing of the products takes place in a dry-cleaning machine in the “Abril” environment. special mode and with the use of special chemicals.

Using technology TENA allows you to handle any fur, suede and leather products, including products with complex fittings, printing, laser spraying, wax and film coatings, combined (with synthetic finish), and dubbed and others made using modern technology and materials.

Application technology TENA allows you to quickly and efficiently clean fur coats from sable, ermine, column, chinchillas and "always problem" nutrium fur coats. From the dry cleaning machine they will go out in full safety, and "rejuvenated." The result of cleaning technology TENA - this is, first of all, the absence of disruption of dyes (changes in color tone colors), as well as shrinkage, deformation, changes nap bases of the surface and fur damage. There is no migration. glue spots on the front side of the clothes.

Technology TENA successfully used in all developed countries of the world, including Moscow, in Euro cleaning "Astra".

On all operations of fur coats, sheepskin, leather and suede are used exclusive Italian chemical preparations from developers TENA-technology.

When dry cleaning is not only removed contamination from the surface of the product, but also processed Your things with the help of special dyeing and water-repellent compositions: raising coats on coats, i.e. giving Your sheepskin coat of good quality and graphographic effect. Tinting and water repellent sheepskin coat clothes made of leather and suede occurs in the dyeing chamber of the company Know. Dry cleaning

The main goal of the team "Euro cleaning" Astra " to serve the customer politely, quickly, inexpensively. Clean things securely with guarantee, as they say, to meet and carry with a smile.

Beauty Studio

* Studio beauty enjoys increased attention Muscovites and Muscovites. Equipped with the newest Japanese beauty equipment studio has the following services.


* Hardware cosmetology.

* Vertical solarium.

* Bio - hair removal.

* Cosmetology on VIP lineх

* Pershing. Tatuage.

* Bikini - design.

* Bio - tattoo.

Correction figures.


* Hairdresser's technology Kuen.

* Hair restoration and treatment

* Manicure, pedicure SPA.

* All types of massage.

Call: 331-46-55, 517-95-06

Shoe repair

Shoe repair performed on the German equipment HARDO.

Сinvestigating the motto of German shoemakers "Comfortable shoes - healthy legs, confident walk, success in business ", on the squares of the Multiservice "Astra" put into operation and successfully works shoe shop from Germany.

Customers are provided with the following services: urgent repair, minor repairs, replacement of heels, installation of instep supports, heels, inserts lightning, as well as the installation of stickers on the soles, repair bags and much more Shoe repair


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