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People in the net! Dear customers! Conveniently sitting at your monitor with a cup of coffee, you can place an on-line order for dry cleaning and (or) laundry, shoe repair, and minor clothing repair on this page. The minimum order value is 1500 rubles with free shipping. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of dry cleaning. If everything suits you, click on the "Send" button.

Dry cleaning Washing Beauty Studio

Clothing repair

Shoe repair

Order form

To place an order, Please fill in the fields of this form.



Type of service and Range, which you order. (click in the window):

coat, costumes, dresses leather clothes
sheepskin coat carpet
underwear man's shirts
curtains a blanket
repairs shoe Clothing repair

Order form:

common urgent

  • Please read carefully "Rules", fill out the forms and click "Submit."

  • The dispatcher will call you and tell you when the inspector arrives.

  • If you change your mind - click "Reset".

Customers not familiar with spreadsheets Excelwho want to calculate the amount of the order can perform the following actions.

Peering In the sample, enter in the column:

А - name of things that Вы hand in dry cleaning;

В - the number of things;

С - price for one thing on the price list;

D - We multiply the quantity by the price, we get the cost and put it in column D - "Total";

If the amount of the order, in your opinion, is too small - add a fur coat and a pair of sheepskin coats to the order cleaned by technology "TENA"


331-46-55 (dry cleaning, clothing repair, shoe repair)



wire \ fax

laundry dry cleaning carpets

cash payment cashless payment

Terms and conditions

reception clothes and products in dry cleaning "Astra"

Dry cleaning clothes from textile natural and artificial fabrics, combination clothes, toys.

Himчist carpet, curtains, blankets, blankets, bedspreads, murals, tapestries, sleeping bags, covers, etc.

Dry cleaning sheepskin coat, clothes from leather, suede, fur coats from natural fur








Trousers 3 130 390
Sheepskin 1 1020 1020
Blazer 2 152 304
Skirt 2 130 260
Total: 8 - 1974


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Install the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Attention: calculate the amount of the order: Click mouse in column D at empty cell under the column of numbers at the intersection of "Total" and "Total", as in sample and click the amount icon.

In this empty cell pops up a terrible gibberish, но Вы don't be scared and click again or click outside the box Excel - get the amount of your order .

Уimportant customers! To mirror a dynamic table Excel You must have Office 2000, XP or 2003 installed together with Office Web - components Microsoftthat are on the installation disks, but many do not install them.

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