February 8, 2019

3 OFF coupons and free appetizers. Red Robin is making some big changes to their free birthday burger offer: starting February 15, they’ll no longer be sending free birthday burgers via email. That’s why I wanted to show you how to get a Free Red Robin Burger and more bonus treats next time you go! Why not enjoy spending this Veterans Day out and about with friends, family, and other veterans? If your Red Robin’s bar is shut down when you arrive, that’s probably why. Red Robin’s offer includes only the Red’s Tavern Double Burger and Bottomless Steak Fries Meal. We haven’t gotten official word about this year’s deal, but Red Robin usually offers a free Red’s Tavern Double Burger and Bottomless Steak Fries Meal. Free Bottomless Steak Fries are included. Enjoy a Free Red Robin Birthday Burger for simply registering for the Red Robin Royalty eClub online or in-store.


Head into Red Robin where bottomless steak fries are no longer your only option!

Make sure you have your phone nearby before you start registering. Once you join the Red Robin Royalty Club, just show your card every time you eat and start racking up the rewards. Head into Red Robin where bottomless steak fries are no longer your only option! Get a FREE Burger and Bottomless Fries During Your Birthday Month at Red Robin when you sign up for the Red Robin Royalty program. John was also told that as a program member he could have gone into his account to rank/prioritize the coupons in a different order, so the free burger coupon would have been the first one used. Are you a current member of the Red Robin Loyalty Program? If you join Red Robin Royalty, or if you’re already a member, please note that your free meal on Veterans Day will not count toward your points total. • 2X points on travel and dining at restaurants worldwide & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases.


Red Robin Birthday Burger Choices

I’ve been dining on those gourmet Red Robin burgers and bottomless fries for years. Free Bottomless Steak Fries are included. Go here to sign up for your Free Swagbucks account. The utmost important metric here is actually EV-to-sales, because enterprise value takes into account its obligation to both its equity and debt holders, while sales are not usually as easily manipulated. We agree with John that consumers should not be placed in a position to remember every offer that is sent them and be required to juggle them in one’s account before trying to use a particular offer. Offer subject to change. What do you think of this change? The CEO is also accumulating shares according to FactSet, which indicates some confidence in the company’s strategic direction, but I think the emphasis should lay on the person who dictated RRGB’s accounting choices. This emphasis will have us work on doing fewer things excellently as oppose to more things adequately.

  • Visit one of Red Robin’s locations during your birthday
  • Paying down debt (Q3 earnings call) = Decreases liability and increases equity
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  • Loud but not obtrusive rock ‘n’ roll music on the sound system
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It seems like they are aware of the market pressure (reflected by the stock price), and is doing everything in their power to innovatively bring the business back to life. What I like about RRGB at the current price level is that the market is punishing the company even when it has good revenue generating power (relatively stable positive growth in revenue for the past 5 years). The fact that even though the capital expenditure has decreased significantly post 2016, while the depreciation and amortization have increased at a steady pace (figure 1) indicates an accelerated depreciation schedule. With capital expenditure looking to decrease even more significantly (as management has decided to halt its new store openings), the depreciation and amortization will most likely decrease sharply to match its recent capital expenditure. According to the Q2 and Q3 conference calls, management has confirmed the halt of additional store openings and decided to rather focus on its current operations.

Although I would like to expand on how this shift in focus will impact the business, they aren’t immediately material to the valuation of RRGB so I will only briefly mention them here. One key point to highlight is that they are increasing their focus on delivery and in-store customer service. Catalysts tend to be qualitative and forward-looking, but I think the story that management is portraying is a candid and powerful one. I think RRGB is extremely undervalued due to its value proposition, top line consistency, and accounting scheme. At EV/Sales of 0.46, RRGB is certainly a bargain at the top level. This means the market thinks that the top line will not translate well into the bottom line, and that is what they care about. Red Robin’s menu has grown to more than two dozen innovative burgers served with Bottomless Steak Fries (which means free refills) and more than 100 different toppings for you to customize your favorite burgers. Red Robin’s free meal offer takes place only on Veterans Day, November 11. Veterans Day happens to fall on a Sunday this year, which means the federal government has officially marked the following Monday for its observance. Enjoy them with healthier options, like Red Robin’s blackberry hibiscus herbal tea or strawberry basil lemonade.