How To Shop At Nordstrom Rack

March 20, 2019
How To Shop At Nordstrom Rack

This will help keep your expedition organized to find the better quality items at marked-down prices. Decent outlet. Better for women than men. It has the widest selection of shoes for men out of the ones in the Phoenix area. I asked who turned it in and the guy came out from the back and his name was Leo, I gave him a heartfelt thank you and he tried to brush off my gift but no can do. I was greeted by the district manager, Brian Townsend as soon as I walked in he asked if I needed help juggling the boxes I was carryy. LOL. In the end Brian gave me his card and said if I needed anything in the future whether it be Nordstrom main store or the rack, to get in touch with him. If you find what you want, you will get a good deal.

Some days the selection has nothing for me, others I might find a bunch.

Not sure why they are discounted, but I’ve always found good items there. Well I had some time to kill before meeting friends after work so why not pop in and explore a bit, I thought? I was amazed at how clean and well organized it was. Outside is clean yet occasionally there’s weird bystanders who solicits for money. Bathroom is a hit or miss, there are times toilet papers are on the floor (clean & used) and other times its clean. Bathroom: There’s no bathroom inside, but you can find them up the escalator. Some days the selection has nothing for me, others I might find a bunch. Sometimes those days are combined with extra discounted sales. 45 days for an item that was broken. I have never seen a penny item at the full line Nordstrom. Then the same employee makes eye contact with me while I’m waiting in line and stares me down.

  • The “Clear the Rack” sales happen about 12 times a year
  • TheDexter says
  • Rag & bone
  • If you find something you love that’s not in your size, it can be shipped to you
  • Original: $250

I bought two nice pairs of boots for work, a pair of Nike shoes for the gym, some nice thick tights to wear under my skirts and dresses, and a lightweight down jacket that packs down. It’s down in the basement; you probably won’t get cell service. 59.97 either, even though that’s a savings of 80%. But once the stickers start turning red, that’s when you know you’re starting to get a great deal! I know my size (tall, thin, wider shoulders and for pants, smaller waist, longer legs) is not the most common that stores carry, so my expectations are never high. I honestly don’t even know where to begin on this location. The discounts on the clear the rack sale weren’t even worth the wait that this location had. And when it comes to discounts, these aren’t namby-pampy discounts we’re talking. And when it comes to discounts, these aren’t namby-pamby discounts we’re talking.

How To Shop At Nordstrom Rack

Very disappointed in them for leaving behind their gold class customer service.

Nordstrom Rack definitely has some great deals and discounts on name brand items, however shopping here requires patience. There were some awesome ones people shared on Instagram and now I’m so tempted to go back to The Rack to see if there are any other deals hiding between the hangers! Now let’s talk about customer service. Very disappointed in them for leaving behind their gold class customer service. Poor customer service that it makes me think that NR has a low standard when it comes hiring people. The clothes are really where it’s at but you can get lucky when it comes to shoes and accessories. Oh and it’s not like you might get lucky and find one designer piece – they have loads! I like coming here, this store always has great deals and always has a little bit of everything. I enjoy coming here. They’re horrible, honestly. So whenever I’m around the area, I really try my best not to stop by since it just always disappoints me on how I was and will be treated in here.

Best Rack Of The Day

Having visited other Racks’ this is by far one of the best as far as higher end items. Like most racks, this one is laid out in the same fashion. Awesome place for your favorite attire wide selection of products for your special night out or for the most important meeting. When you sign up on Facebook, you will get special invites and alerts when new fashion merchandise arrives at the stores. Nordstrom Rack is one of my original bargain shopping haunts – so I have a special connection with this store. After all, parent retailer Nordstrom is known for being a high-end fashion retailer, selling things like designer handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories that can cost you a pretty penny. It’s like a step-up from Marshalls and TJ Maxx. The store has convenient parking and it’s generally more expensive than Marshalls but comparable to Bloomingdales. There’s a large parking lot that’s shared with other business.

Get an extra 25% off on clearance at Nordstrom Rack.

I finally got to the manager and gave my business card. I got frantic and started asking complete strangers to help me but at the same time looking to see if they would flinch in a guilty way, even just a little. I was wrong. I finally got to the front of the line 30 minutes later! Or is it to save space out in front? You ask if they can check you out because you only have 2 items and the line is crazy long and they tell you staright up no and continue putting away clothes and does not even look at you. Being only the fourth person in line I really had no more time to wait as I had to get somewhere else. Get an extra 25% off on clearance at Nordstrom Rack. STORE WARS: Nordstrom vs. When you can’t go to shop at Nordstrom Rack store nearby, you want to shop online at 8 a.m.

I have my stores I like to shop at (aka Express & VS nearly exclusively) and that’s what I stick to. I can’t express enough what a little kindness did to make a great way to start my day. This has been a terrible experience and will make sure I won’t go to this store ever again! That’s how they make money. I have spent SO much money over the years and even used to work for the company. You are still offering items at a discount from the original retail price, so the buyer is still saving money. I managed to snag some rag & bone, Varvatos and James Perse items. Yes, the skirt I somehow managed to get at Nordstrom Rack for a penny. Using Nordstrom Rack shopping tips, you can get great items for a steal if the piece is in good condition. I also love browsing Nordstrom Rack online to see what is available there.

Nordstrom And Nordstrom Rack Difference

How To Shop At Nordstrom Rack

I do love a deal! I can’t give you that location (I know, selfish) but I can give you my insider insight on how to score the best deal. First of all, the date is crucial when using Nordstrom Rack shopping tips to get the best deal. When you get inside the store; untidy, clutter, fitting rooms has so much clothes that needs to be put away, endless cups of Starbucks and whatnot around and don’t even get me started on the shoe section. Never in my life have I seen a more disorganized shoe section at a Nordstrom Rack. 2 stars for the women’s shoe section. Let’s start with this pair of Stuart Weitzman Morepearls Sandal (I mentioned the suede version in my Fall Transitional Shoe Picks). So that wraps up my latest shoe purchases from Nordstrom Rack and Last Chance! I’ve been working in Schaumburg for 9 years and just went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time last month. Hence, the last tip! Two, the other light blue tags indicate Nordstrom Quality Control or NQC. A bit pricey but you’ll spot the quality – no doubt.