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People in the net! Dear customers! You are on the site of the Household Culture House Multiservice "Astra". Dry cleaning and laundry are the maids of the freshness and tidiness of our clothes. Dry cleaning and laundry is the most accurate indicator of the level of culture and welfare of Muscovites. Only a cultured person has a need, and only a well-to-do person has the opportunity to regularly hand over clothes and underwear for processing. For cultural, but low-income Muscovites, developed a global system of discounts. You are welcome to the House of household culture Multiservice "Astra".

Multiservice Astra provides services to the public and corporate customers for washing laundry, dry cleaning of clothes, repair of clothes and shoes, as well as hairdressing and cosmetic services.

The pride of the Multiservice “Astra” team is to enter operation of the most modern in Moscow, today enterprises dry cleaners - “Euro cleaning“ Astra ”,

When dry cleaning and washing dust, dirt, oil and background radioactive materials are removed from clothes and linen   pollution, the trade dress of clothes, hygienic properties of fabric improves, without   changedия  her aboutpaints.

Clean, well ironed suit or dress,   a fresh white shirt delights his master. He likes himself and   to others.

And sheepskin coat! - Your furry and tender beast.   Clean it and it will continue to serve you faithfully.

For cleaning fur coats, sheepskin coats, clothes from   leather, suede applies the most reliable Italian technology in the world   dry cleaning TENA, which guarantees cleaning your stuff without   risk of damage.

Postal         address:

117420, Moscow, st. Nametkina, house         ten

OJSC "Factory - laundry number 10" Astra "
E-mail for registration         orders:

[email protected]

General e-mail:

[email protected]


Metro New       Cheryomushki (exit to the store "Cheryomushki"), trolley bus number 60, bus number 648);

Metro Kaluzhskaya, trolley bus number 72;

Metro Kakhovskaya (on the street. Kakhovka - to the street.       Trade Union), trolleybuses №№ 60 and 72.


331-46-55 (dry cleaning, clothing repair, shoe repair)

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car parking


Diet         astronauts and military

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