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Altice Loses 33,000 TV Subscribers
Altice USA, which owns Suddenlink and Optimum, lost 33,000 pay TV subscribers last quarter according to the company's latest earnings report. On a positive note, those losses were notably less than the cord cutting related losses seen at other major competitors like AT&T and Comcast, and Altice did manage to add 17,000 broadband subscribers at its two recently-acquired ISPs last quarter. Altice is hoping to boost subscriber numbers further with the launch of a new all-inclusive gateway and cloud DVR unit dubbed "Altice One," as well as with the launch of new fiber to the home deployments, which are expected to come online in portions of the NY metro market before the end of the year.

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Altice would lose much more TV subscribers if ATSC OTA TV coverage was much better around the metropolitan area that they serve.
not everyone can utilize roof top high gain antennas to receive fringe ATSC OTA TV stations and many are stuck in HOA's that dont permit any outdoor antennas of any kind at all.
"rabbit ears" are for the few and the lucky.
satellite is not always a good alternative option either as it too has certain restrictions, caveats and a monthly cost about the same as cable TV.

How about ..