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Sprint, Altice Strike MVNO Partnership

Sprint has announced a new partnership with Altice in the wake of the wireless carrier's latest failed T-Mobile merger attempt. According to a new joint announcement by the companies, Sprint will provide cellular connectiivty to a new MVNO operated by Altice, allowing the cable company to offer bundled wireless services to the company's Optimum and Suddenlink customers.

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The move comes as Sprint is desperate to keep its stock from nosediving in the wake of its failed merger talks with T-Mobile.

"In this first of its kind agreement, Sprint will provide Altice USA with access to its full MVNO model, allowing Altice USA to connect its network to the Sprint Nationwide network and have control over the Altice USA mobile features, functionality, and customer experience," states the announcement. "In exchange, Altice USA will leverage its network to support Sprint’s network densification efforts and establish a differentiated network operating model going forward."

Neither company was able to state when the MVNO would be launching, or just what pricing and bundle discounts would look like. Altice has been hinting at entering the wireless sector for some time, but had hinted it wanted to focus on expanding via cable acquisitions -- and pushing out fiber to the home deployments -- first.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Altice USA on this innovative win-win solution that benefits both of our companies,” said Sprint President & CEO Marcelo Claure. “As content and connectivity continue to converge, we believe this approach will be a model for future strategic arrangements across multiple industries including cable, tech and others.”

The companies' full announcement has a tiny bit of additional detail on Altice's new Sprint-powered wireless MVNO.

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San Antonio, TX



Better Sprint service and thus MVNO ones?

If done properly, then this should allow Sprint to have the needed backhaul in Altice territory.

Beyond tower and airlink issues, my bad experiences with Sprint has often been related to backhaul. I've noticed that as better backhaul has been added to towers, my experiences with data in particular have improved massively.

Since this ties into Sprint's densification strategy, it should help with creating a consistently better data experiences on their Network.

That means happier customers and better retention, thus less churn for Sprint in those areas. It's a wondrous experience to be able to go from getting timeout issues from an oversaturated tower to getting at least several megabits down and up with sub 70ms latency.

Higher speed than that is definitely nice, but having a decent minimum speed is good for 90%+ of phone apps. Hotspot use is another issue and for that, a minimum of 8mbit down/2 up is required IMO.

Hopefully Sprint will finally start to increase year to year CAPEX. Their network is better than it has been in the past, but it's still not close to the other major providers in many areas.




MVNO deals are becoming std for cable companies

Verizon has MVNO deals with Comcast and Charter. And Google has MVNO deals with T-Mobile and Sprint. Looks like the cable companies are all getting on the MVNO bandwagon with Altice now choosing Sprint.

How about ..