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How well can your broadband connection stream different services at different data rates? Can it stream Netflix HD? Can it stream YouTube 4K? what about uploading to Twitch? or PSN PS4 game sharing? This tool simulates up to 40 megabit of streams in either direction using your connection, and our nearest speed test server. If you have previously run a speedtest then the Download and Upload dials will tell you how close you are to using all of your connection.
This tool is in beta and under development. It currently only works for current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It does not currently work on any version of Internet Explorer, or any mobile browsers except for Safari or Chrome with Desktop View.
For feedback questions or complaints please post in the Site feedback forum.


Use the buttons to see the different stream simulations available. Click or touch-drag one or more stream simulations over to any empty spot on the grid, and drop. Stream will start automatically. Drag and drop a stream back to the right of the arrows to kill it. While the stream is buffering it will show if this lasts too long it will cancel out with an error mark . Stable streams are shown like this .

Technical Notes and Disclaimer

Download streams are simulated constant rate single TCP transfer streams from the nearest available DSLR speed test server. This may differ from the streaming employed by Netflix, HBO or Youtube which may transfer "as fast as possible", pause, then continue.
Despite any differences if you cannot reliably stream one of these simulations, or a combination, you probably cannot reliably stream the real thing.
Upload streams are more accurate reproductions of fixed rate uploads demanded by upload services. If the upload maintains the pre-set rate, the service being simulated should also work reliably.
This test uses the nearest server and that server may be further away, or nearer, than a server delivering actual content.